Friday, September 07, 2007

What are data driven tests?

While testing the application, the data driven tests are used to check how the application performs the same operation with various sets of data.

The data driven test can be created with a loop, when everytime the loop runs it is driven with different set of data. In winrunner, the data must be linked to the test script which it drives. This is also called as parameterizing your test. The DataDriver wizard can be used to parameterize the test and store data in a data table or it can be performed manually.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What is the purpose of GUI spy?

GUI spy is used to view the properties of the GUI object in the Desktop. The Spy pointer can be used to point at an object and the GUI spy displayes theier values and properties in the GUI spy dialog box.

It is possible to view all the properties of an object or only the selected set of properties that winrunner learns.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to select multiple objects during merging the files?

Selecting the multiple objects can be done by using the Shift key and/or the Control key to select multiple objects. To select all objects in a GUI map file use choose Edit > Select All.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Explain how to move and copy the objects between GUI map files.

The GUI map editor can be used to move and copy the objects between GUI map files. The steps are,

  • Go to Tools > GUI map editor.

  • Go to View > GUI files.

  • Click Expand in GUI map editor. The dialog box will expand and two GUI map files will be displayed.

  • Different GUI map file can be viewed from the side of dialog box; this can be done through clicking the file names listed in GUI file.

  • Select the objects to be copied or move in one file, for selecting multiple objects Shift key can be used or use Edit > Select all.

  • Click Copy or Move.

  • Use the option Collapse for restoring the GUI map editor in its Original size.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What are the methods to unload GUI map?

Using GUI_close command we can unload a particular GUI map file or we can use GUI_close_all command to unload all the GUI map files which were loaded in memory.

Syntax : GUI_close() or GUI_close_all;

What are the methods to load GUI map? What happens when GUI map is loaded?

Using GUI_load command the GUI map can be loaded.

Syntax : GUI_load();

While loading the GUI map file, all the information about objects and windows with the physical description and logical names will get loaded in the memory. Whenever the winrunner executes the script, the objects will get identified using the information already loaded in the memory.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Define the purpose of set_window command?

The Set_Window command is used to set the focus for a specified window. Before executing a test on another window this command can be used to set focus to the required window.

Syntax: set_window(, time);

The set_window is the logical name of the window and time is the time the execution has to wait till it gets the given window into focus.

What is called logical name in an object?

The logical name in an object is said by its class. Most of the time, the logical name is the label that appears on an object.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What is the use of Add-Ins in winrunner ?

It is used to load the function which is specific to a particular add-in the memory. During the script generation only those add-in functions will be listed in the function generator and during the script execution only those add-in functions will be loaded and executed. Otherwise the winrunner will show an error message that it couldn’t recognize the function.

How to analyze the results and report the defects?

In winrunner after a test run, the test results will get displayed in a report. All the major actions during the run like Checkpoints, Error messages, System messages will be displayed in the report. The mismatches in checkpoints during the test run can be viewed as expected results and actual results in Test results window. The information about a test run fail due to defect can also be reported to others through test results window.

How to run the test scripts?

To test the application it should be run on the verify mode, Winrunner run into a checkpoint in the test script, after that it compares the current data being tested with the expected data captured before. Winrunner displays the mismatches as the actual results.

How to debug the Test scripts?

To debug the Test scripts, it should be executed in the Debug Mode. Otherwise by using the functionalities like Step, Step Into and Step out we can debug the test script.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

What is Test Scripts?

The Test Scripts is nothing but the statements in Mercury Interactive’s Test Script Language (TSL). In test window these statements show as a test script, the recorded test scripts can be enhanced by adding some TSL functions and programs or using the Winrunner visual programming tool, that’s the Function Generator.

How the Test results are evaluated in WinRunner ?

At the end of every test run, the test results are displayed in a report in Winrunner. The details of the report contains all the main events took place through the run like error messages, user messages, system messages or checkpoints. The mismatches found at Checkpoints during the test run can be viewed in the Test results window with Expected results and Actual results.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Explain the use of GUI Map? What are the two types of GUI map files?

The GUI map is mainly used to store the information it learned about a particular window or an object. When running the test in Winrunner, the GUI map is b used to identify the objects. It first reads the description of a object and searches for an with the same description or properties.

The two types of GUI map files, they are,

Global GUI Map file: a single GUI map file is used for the entire application.

GUI Map File per Test: a GUI Map file is automatically created by Winrunner for each test created.

What is Synchronization point? Why it is being added in testing an application?

Synchronization points helps to solve the expected timing problems between your application and the test. For a database application test, the synchronization point can be added which makes the test to wait until that particular database records get loaded on the screen.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is meant by Checkpoints? What are the types of Check points?

Checkpoints is used to compare the current behavior of the application being tested to its behavior in an earlier version.

Four types of checkpoints can be added to test scripts, they are,

GUI checkpoints verify information about GUI objects. Ex, you can check that a button is enabled or see which item is selected in a list.

Bitmap checkpoints take a “snapshot” of a window or area of your application and compare this to an image captured in an earlier version.

Text checkpoints read text in GUI objects and in bitmaps and enable you to verify their contents.

Database checkpoints check the contents and the number of rows and columns of a result set, which is based on a query you create on your database.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Explain how the WinRunner recognizes objects on applications?

GUI Map file is mainly used to recognize the objects on applications. During the process of running a test through winrunner, it uses the GUI map to identify the objects. It reads a particular object’s description in the GUI map and then looks for an object with the same properties in the application being tested.

Explain the stages in Winrunner Testing Process

There are six main stages in Winrunner Testing Process, they are,

GUI Map File Creation: By creating GUI Map file the WinRunner can identify the GUI objects in the application going to be tested.

Test scripts Creation: This process involves recording, programming or both. During the process of recording tests, insert checkpoints where the response of the application need to be tested.

Debug Test: Run the tests in Debug mode to make sure whether they run smoothly.

Run Tests: Run tests in Verify mode to test the application.

View Results: This determines the success or failure of the tests.

Report Defects: If a particular test run fails due to the defect in the application being tested, defects can be directly reported through the Test Results window.

What are the different type of recording available with Winrunner ?

Context Sensitive Recording – This records the operation we perform on the application by identifying the Graphical User Interface.

Analog mode Recording – This records the keyboard input and the Mouse movements.